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Often use the bag printing what are the characteristics and commonness?

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Often use the bag printing what are the characteristics and commonness?

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Bag printing design aimed at mobile commodity aesthetic rationality, transmission commodity information at the same time, also is a kind of enterprise image, to show more show a personality culture. For handbag design requirements should be simple, with strong, relatively low cost, the design of the pattern should be the pursuit of novel, simple, embodies freedom, the concept of avant-garde, at the same time sales promotion, communication, display various functions into full play. Which has the function of protection and storage bag, it is one of the medium product image visual flow of communication.

Bag mainly refers to commercial use of paper bag, plastic bag, packing accessory bag category, such as the material is qualitative different, but all equipment items, publicity function "bag" print. The common bag printing, has the following several aspects.

In the design of the a, handbags printing

Designer bags can make a person fondle admiringly, even printed with eye-catching trademarks or advertising, customers will be happy to reuse, has become the most efficient and inexpensive advertising one of the carrier.

Second, handbags printing in the printing way

Usually have the paper bag printing, offset printing. Plastic bag, generally adopts the screen printing method. Before printing, should pass multiprogramming. Need a slice, proofing, etc.

Again after three, handbags printing in the printing process

Paper bag usually need to pass the paste made of type, punch, such as wear process. Plastic bag post-press processing technology is relatively simple.

Four, handbags printing in terms of material

Generally, handbags generally adopt high grade, the quality of the paper, kraft paper or plastic etc, in order to gain more weight bearing and better printing effect.

Five, handbags printing in product form

Are "bag" kind of print, the primary function is to load the goods, a secondary function by surface design printing, have the effect of propaganda to inform, under special circumstances, also has some other subsidiary functions.


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