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That should be paid attention to interpretation of self-adhesive printing?

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That should be paid attention to interpretation of self-adhesive printing?

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1, printing pressure adjustment. In the process of offset printing, printing, rubber, stamping every adjacent two in three roller drum is touch each other, extrusion and transfer printing effect. Get the normal transfer ink to make printing paper, true reproduction of the graphic part continuous adjustable text, lines, images, halftone dot, the imprinting except two roller surface contact, must also be the necessary printing pressure. The weight of the printing pressure, adjust the master level, will be directly decided by transfer printing and print outlets represent the inky size, degree of depth. To adjust when stickers printing embossing drum and rubber drum of center distance, drum of center distance can be widened about 0.2 ~ 0.4 mm. If the paper is from thick to thin, should be reduce the thickness of the, is removed from the plate liner inside the bag to the rubber roller lining thickness; If at the time of printing paper from thin to thick, out of the rubber cylinder liner minus a certain thickness, and the corresponding added to the plate cylinder liner thickness. Plate to compaction, the compaction, prevent the relative sliding when printing operation, generally in the actual production to control the ideal printing pressure around 0.15 0.25 mm, must highlight the ideal printing pressure, is the printing surface compression deformation in certain cases, the graphic part of the plate of imprinting enough sturdy in the paper, using least pressure points are clear on the basis of complete.

2, should pay attention to when printing adhesive paper feed part of the regulation. Will lose part of the paper suction nozzle and blowing paper nozzle air volume corresponding to large.

3, print and do glue because is the thickness of two layer coated paper, paper will pay attention to the double zhang clearance should also corresponding increase of the controller, the lateral gauge and pressure gauge before the distance between the tongue and lose the cardboard paper will increase some.

Self-adhesive printing

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