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Are there any environmental pollution problems in sticker printing?

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Are there any environmental pollution problems in sticker printing?

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The pollution sources of the printing industry mainly come from ink, gravure printing, and screen printing because of the use of solvent-based inks, which may cause pollution to the surrounding environment if it is not handled well.

Self-adhesive label printing is mainly based on letterpress and offset printing. In recent years, more and more flexible printing using water-based inks. These three printing methods basically have no pollution to the environment.

UV ink is the main ink for label printing in the future, and all the above printing methods can be used. The ink is dried in a solidified form, and no harmful gas is generated, so there is no environmental pollution problem in sticker printing.

 Dongguan Mingtao Industrial Co., Ltd. is a domestic private enterprise integrating packaging design and printing production. The factory is located in the Fourth Industrial Zone of Xiagang, Chang'an, Dongguan. Now it has the most advanced printing equipment and a fully automatic post-processing production line with extremely high production efficiency. Professional technical talents and years of experience in paper printing and packaging production can meet the various needs of different customers for promotional packaging and printing!

       At present, the company has a complete set of pre-press equipment, as well as several imported printing equipment such as Heidelberg's five-color printing machine, Komori quarto printing machine of Japan, Heidelberg octagon printing machine of Germany, etc.; there are also several trademark printing machines, form printing machines and other professional printing machines. equipment. Post-printing equipment includes automatic computer paper cutter, binding machine, folding machine, automatic oiling machine, polishing machine, automatic laminating machine, automatic beer machine, automatic box gluer (imported from Japan), gift box production line A full set of color box/gift box/instructions for post-process equipment. Form a one-stop one-stop service of printing, post-press processing, packaging and gift boxes.

       The company is committed to "providing customers with better color printing and one-stop solutions for product packaging"; always pursues the business philosophy of "survive with quality and efficiency, develop with technology and management, and win-win with customers", advocating " The entrepreneurial spirit of diligence, innovation and contribution. We tightly grasp the market orientation, serve customers, serve the society, abide by our promises, and wholeheartedly provide high-quality printing services to all sectors of society. The company adheres to the quality policy of "Quality First, Customer Satisfaction, and Continuous Improvement"; the environmental policy of "Full participation, environmental protection, pollution prevention, resource conservation, compliance with laws and regulations, and continuous improvement" has established a complete quality and environmental assurance system; Our company's strict implementation and continuous improvement of innovative quality management services have won wide praise from customers.

       The company's main business: all kinds of color boxes, packaging boxes, manuals, paper bags, handbags, color cards, tags, handmade gift boxes, label stickers, color page brochures, desk calendars, personalized notebooks, envelopes, letterheads, invitation cards, forms to send Various paper printing products such as manifests.

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