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How can printing factories improve the printing quality of color boxes

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How can printing factories improve the printing quality of color boxes

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Color box printing is a cumbersome processing procedure. A beautiful packaging box can only be completed through multiple processes. Whether each process is done well will directly affect the quality of the color box. Therefore, to control the quality of printing color boxes, each process must be strictly implemented. The following points are the issues that Dongguan Printing Factory must pay attention to when printing color boxes.


One, use color

In terms of color, it is best to use less overlap or reduce the use of colors. The text should be arranged in harmony with the pattern, and it is best not to use too small patterns and fonts. Otherwise, the picture or text is not clear enough, which will bring difficulties to printing.

Two, plate making

This item is very important and is the intermediate link between design and printing. It not only reflects the content of the original design, but also corrects the parts that do not meet the requirements of the printing industry. Therefore, we must first review the quality of manuscripts, and discard manuscripts that do not meet the requirements.

Three, color separation and plate making

In this step, the condition of the equipment must be taken into account, and each process must be well controlled, and quality inspection must be done to ensure the quality of the color box printing.



In short, if you want to improve the quality of color box printing, the above must be done well, and you must find a professional Dongguan printing factory to help design and print.

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