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What is the difference between printing and copying of various forms?

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What is the difference between printing and copying of various forms?

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Speaking of form printing, everyone is familiar with it, and can be used all the time. For example, you need to fill in some forms when you go out to do business. It is not surprising that it is used in the company to produce daily reports or various handover documents! Some companies usually use office software to design templates for forms and then print them directly. Perhaps in terms of cost, this is an invisible cost, so everyone agrees that copying is more convenient and economical. However, compared with printing, perhaps for the frequently used forms, it is recommended to find Mingtao Printing Factory for printing. Dongguan Mingtao Industrial Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in printing and packaging. Our advantages: no minimum order quantity requirement, no intermediary price difference, subcontracting and delivery on behalf of customers. Today we talk about the difference between form printing and copying?

    Our common form printing, mainly printing various bills and forms. For example: purchase order, delivery order, delivery order, warehousing order, receipt, lottery ticket, lottery ticket, railway freight order, logistics consignment note, confidential payroll, charge receipt, information recording paper, etc. In terms of material, form printing is divided into writing paper form printing and carbonless copy paper form printing. Perhaps for the occasional use in the office, if there is a certain amount of use, the cost of printing is often Lower than the cost of printing, the cost of printing is not no cost, but an invisible cost. From the material point of view, carbonless paper needs to be copied, so it is relatively thin. Book paper printing is not suitable for printer printing.

    In terms of craftsmanship, some forms and forms need to be printed with serial numbers, tear lines, etc. These are sufficient to illustrate the difference between form printing and copying.

    From the production point of view, Mingtao Printing Factory has professional printing and typesetting personnel. Relatively speaking, it can make the products reasonable and show the perfect typesetting visual effect.

    The difference between printing and copying of various forms is often impossible to choose. If you need to meet the needs of use, you must follow up the actual needs and treat them separately. The above is for your reference only. For more information, please pay attention to the company website

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