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What is the material of the color box packaging?

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What is the material of the color box packaging?

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In recent years, color box packaging has been favored by a wide range of product suppliers because of its beautiful and exquisite advantages, as well as its ability to directly show the characteristics and appearance of the product in a very comprehensive and specific manner. Then, the editor of Ming Tao, the color box supplier, briefly introduces several common types and inspection specifications of color boxes.

Color box supplier

With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection and low carbon, health issues are becoming more and more important, and the green color box has become a trend. The green color box, where the ink is the first battle, has led many people to gradually pay attention to the poisonous work of color box printing ink. In the printing industry, in order to eliminate customers' worries, color box printing is all about non-toxic, moving towards green printing, and flexographic printing is used. Many companies have now selected water-based inks, which are basically non-toxic.

Color boxes can be roughly divided into three categories: pit boxes, card boxes, and hardcover boxes:

1. Cartridges, single-powder cartridges are commonly used. In addition to single-powder cards, they are still cowhide cards, PVC film boxes and PET film boxes. This kind of card box is generally surface treated after printing, and then glued into shape. This kind of color box is suitable for products that are smaller and lighter, and produce more products in batches, such as electronic products, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products.


2. Pit box, commonly used gray card mounting hole paper. According to the specific size of the color box, the required intensity is different. Choose gray cardboard papers of different weights and different types of pit paper, of course, there are also kraft paper pits. This type of pit box is generally printed on the surface of the paper, and then glued to form. If it is an airplane box, it can be formed without the need for a sticky box. This type of pit box is suitable for products that are larger and heavier, and produce more products in batches, and the cost is also lower. For example: electronic products, hardware products, footwear and apparel, etc.

3. Hardcover box. In the industry, it is generally called a craft box. Some products that are packaged according to demand are different and called differently. This kind of box is more exquisite in workmanship and high-grade. Of course, the cost is also more expensive than others. It depends on the size of the product, the raw materials, and the degree of process disorder.

The selection of color box packaging materials is not only diverse, but with the changes of the times and the rapid development of technology, many new-style packaging box materials emerge in an endless stream. The term packaging box customization has long been familiar to many people in the industry.

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