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Changan Color Box Factory tells you, what is the difference between color box printing four colors and spot colors

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Changan Color Box Factory tells you, what is the difference between color box printing four colors and spot colors

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Dongguan Mingtao Industrial Co., Ltd. is a domestic private enterprise integrating packaging design and printing production. The factory is located in the Fourth Industrial Zone of Xiagang, Chang'an, Dongguan. Now it has the most advanced printing equipment and a fully automatic post-processing production line with extremely high production efficiency. Professional technical talents and years of experience in paper printing and packaging production can meet the various needs of different customers for promotional packaging and printing!

Let's talk about the editor of Ming Tao from Chang'an Color Box Factory: What is the difference between color box printing four-color and spot color?

Chang'an Color Box Factory

Four colors are used for general printing. The color box prints 4 primary colors CMYK, which are blue, red, yellow, and black. Through the different proportions of these 4 colors, color box printing can combine any color. The color gamut is much smaller than that of RGB, so in general, packaging color box printing screen flashes can span the colors that can be printed. When manufacturing prints, pay attention to spot colors. They are mainly used in some specific trademark colors because spot colors are not only It is only allocated by four colors, so four colors may not be able to allocate spot colors, so when packaging color boxes are printed and printed, a special color palette must be added. For example, PANTONE colors must be allocated by RGB, CMYK grades and 12 basic properties. To use the simplest analogy, it is easier to understand more intuitively that the same is the time when green is drawing. If there is a green time, you can use it directly. When the green is used up, you can only mix yellow and blue according to the share. Toning, the same can get green, the same is green.

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