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Changan Color Box Factory: Talking about the main points of product packaging box printing

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Changan Color Box Factory: Talking about the main points of product packaging box printing

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       Nowadays, people not only pay attention to product quality when buying things, but also care about the style and quality of product packaging. Therefore, many companies have begun to pay attention to the design, production and printing of product packaging boxes in order to attract more consumers to buy products. Soon, the New Year is coming, I believe many businesses in Dongguan are starting to make preparations! If you want to have a good packaging box, you must choose a formal Changan printing plant, such as Mingtao Industry. Let's take a look at the main points of product packaging box printing!

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1. Before printing, design the shape of the product packaging box. In modern times, peculiar shapes can attract consumers' attention. In general, product packaging boxes are square or round, and these shapes are not enough to attract consumers. But if it is designed into a complex human shape or anchor shape, it will definitely look more beautiful and prominent.

      2. Pay attention to controlling the printing machinery and equipment, and prepare the printing materials to be used. If the Dongguan Printing Factory's machinery and equipment malfunctions, it is very easy to cause printing problems. In addition, the printing materials are the same. Try to choose better quality kraft paper for printing, and the inks used should also meet environmental protection requirements.

      3. Pay attention to the color problem of the product packaging box printing. Studies have shown that color is the first factor that determines sales. Bright and beautiful colors are more acceptable, while dull colors are not easy to make people's hearts. Therefore, we must pay attention to printing colors and use colors that can arouse consumers' favor and interest.

       Of course, in addition to the above points of attention to product packaging box printing, there are many points to pay attention to, but most of these are issues to be considered by Dongguan Printing Factory. As consumers, we only need to choose a Dongguan printing factory. For example, Dongguan Mingtao Industrial Co., Ltd., Mingtao Industrial is a domestic private enterprise integrating packaging design and printing production with one-stop services. The factory is located in the Fourth Industrial Zone of Xiagang, Chang'an, Dongguan. Now it has the most advanced printing equipment and a fully automatic post-processing production line with extremely high production efficiency. Professional technical talents and years of experience in paper printing and packaging production can meet the various needs of different customers for promotional packaging and printing!

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