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Changan Color Box Factory: Gift color boxes for different purposes, with different colors

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Changan Color Box Factory: Gift color boxes for different purposes, with different colors

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Dongguan Mingtao Industrial Co., Ltd. is a domestic private enterprise integrating packaging design and printing production. The factory is located in the Fourth Industrial Zone of Xiagang, Chang'an, Dongguan. Now it has the most advanced printing equipment and a fully automatic post-processing production line with extremely high production efficiency. Professional technical talents and years of experience in paper printing and packaging production can meet the various needs of different customers for promotional packaging and printing!

Now, gift boxes have greatly changed the process and color requirements of color printing packaging. Next, the editor of Ming Tao Changan Color Box Factory will introduce us to the color matching of gift boxes.

Gift box

1. The gift box packaging of food and health products generally adopts bright and rich colors or warm colors to convey the information and characteristics of the product and give people the feeling of being close.

2. The color of gift box packaging for tobacco and alcohol is generally colder, giving people a simple sense of history.

3. Feminine products generally use soft colors, and most of the daily necessities are relatively simple in planning and simple in color.

4. Men's products are mostly in the two main colors of black and gray.

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