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Dongguan packing box manufacturers

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Dongguan packing box manufacturers

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Product Name: Dongguan Packaging Box Manufacturer

Specifications: Any size can be customized

Method: box, toothpaste box, socket type, window type, portable type, drawer type, variable form, pasting type and other packaging cartons are available

Paper type: 250g or 300g gray-bottomed whiteboard mounted corrugated paper, 350g white card, 400g white card, cattle card paper and other special papers

Process: 4C, spot color, varnishing, laminating, concave-convex, glue box and other special process customization

Suggested production volume: from 1000PCS

Dongguan packing box manufacturers

Food packaging is an integral part of food commodities. One of the main projects in the food industry process. It protects the food and prevents the damage of biological, chemical, and physical external factors during the circulation process of the food from the factory to the consumer. It can also have the function of maintaining the stable quality of the food itself. It is convenient for the consumption of the food. It is also the first to show the appearance of food, the image of attracting consumption, and it has value other than material cost. Therefore, the food packaging process is also an inseparable part of the food manufacturing system engineering. However, the versatility of the food packaging process makes it relatively independent of its own system.

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